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Sentosa island

 Seenum and mother on Sentosa island.

My family and I went to Singapore for a short holiday and we went to Sentosa island to enjoy the beach, the swimming, the sand and the sea water. Some of my family from Bangkok came to join us there and we all had a very good time. I love my family from Bangkok, especially,  P’ Mek  and Nong Mai, we had such great fun and we forgot about sleeping. I miss P’ Mu, Nong Pui Fai who did not make it to Singapore.

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Green monster

green monster

This green monster was standing at the entrance, of the shopping complex, and it looked fierce and frightening like the lion dance head, I had on, the other day. Why is it green colour? Why is it standing at the gate and looking so angry? What is it’s name? Do I look like a monster too?

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The Lion

 seenum doing lion dance

Lion Dance 2008

During the Chinese New Year we see a lot of lion dance groups going around to visit the houses near my house. This is me doing the lion dance in my garden. Sorry there was no one helping me at my tail and no drummer too. O man.

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